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In Baseon Technologies, we primarily focus on web applications and so we use the appropriate technology. We mainly use those that represent the standard in the given area. This enables us to consistently provide high quality services, because the technologies we have chosen are well-known and we have a team of experts with years of experience. Equally important are the low costs associated with these technologies. Our services are mostly not affected by licensing from third parties.

We prefer Linux OS as a server operating system. It is a system that "drives" the majority of the Internet. Our specialists have experience with various Linux distributions such as RedHat EL, CentOS, Debian, SuSE, and so on. But we also have experience with other systems and therefore we are able to run our solutions on other Unix-like systems (such as FreeBSD), as well as on the Microsoft platform.

Web applications can not be without a web server. In addition to the proven (and most common) Apache webserver we are using  a bit younger, but very promising Ngnix webserver, which is characterized by high performance and low demands on system resources (especially the memory).

Our developers program the server side of our application in PHP 5.3 (and later versions). We use modern development techniques such as object oriented programming and design patterns, MVC and unit testing. Vast majority of our employees underwent a certification on PHP 5.3 from Zend (the company behind PHP technology) to the level of Zend Certified Engineer. But we also care that our team is not too narrowly focused. Each candidate for the position of Senior PHP Developer must have a practical experience with at least one other technology or language. Thanks to this we are able to offer our clients consulting and development using a variety of technologies, such as: Java (including mobile application development), Objective-C, C, C + + (on Linux and Windows, or in connection with the QT toolkit), .NET (VB, C #).

In the field of relational databases we are primarily focused on MySQL. But, again, we are not limited to one technology. Part of our team are specialists who are familiar with products such as PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS SQL.

Nowadays, characterized by high demands on the performance of web applications, we do not neglect the so-called NoSQL databases. We have the most experience with memory key-value store Redis.

In the list we must not forget that part of the web applications that "runs" on the client side, i.e. in the browser. Of course we have a perfect knowledge of JavaScript / ECMAScript. Our developers know this language really in depth and they normally produce very sophisticated applications (so called RIA). Besides the JS framework jQuery we widely use Dojo Toolkit and especially its part Dijit. This toolkit is not as well known as the above mentioned jQuery, but allows us a really efficient development of advanced applications.

The list of technologies is long, but we do not forget the most important thing. The fact that today's internet and applications using web technologies are all about collaboration. The interconnection of different systems from different vendors, using different technologies. The use or development of web services based on SOAP or REST is now a regular part of each, at least mid-sized, project. But our experience does not finish there. We have successfully implemented projects that required a connection to MS Active Directory, ERP Helios (Green, Orange), or to some very specific custom developed systems.

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